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Advertising on email newsletters is becoming one of the most popular forms of advertising. ePodiatry.com provides a very targeted and valuable way of getting in touch with podiatrists throughout the world. We provide opportunities on our web site and through our regular ePodiatry Newsletter which is recognized as being the best podiatry focused newsletter available. This represents an excellent way to successfully market your company to your market place.

Which is the most popular podiatry website?. Others claim it, but what does the independant evidence say?

We can tailor an advertising campaign to your requirements to help met your marketing goals with exposure on the web site and via our weekly opt-in newsletter. Our ePodiatry Newsletter campaigns can be country specific or worldwide, depending on your target market.

Before deciding to do any advertising online, talk to us about targeting your message. To contact us or to get a copy of our media kit, email us at epodiatry@epodiatry.com

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