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Journals Organisations Anatomy Books Histology
Whole body anatomy Lower limb anatomy Foot anatomy Other topics
Basic Sciences
Biochemistry Cell Biology Histology Microbiology
Physics Physiology    
Journals Organisations Websites Biomechanics books
Background Balance and stability Friction Gait
Joint Motion Kinematics Kinetics Leg length discrepancy
Properties of materials Misc topics Pathomechanical foot function Pathomechanics
Proprioception Shock absorption Statics Stress and strain
Organisations Journals Dermatology books Dermatology images
Dermatology websites Acneiform lesions Allergic vasculitis Background
Atrophic Conditions Blistering conditions Dermatitis/Eczema Management
Drug eruptions Erythematous conditions Hair disorders Infections of the skin
Keratinisation conditions Light related disorders Misc conditions Misc resources
Nail disorders Neurocutaneous Papulosquamous Pigmentation disorders
Pruritis Purpuric conditions Skin trauma Sweat gland disorders
Systemic conditions Tumours of the skin Ulcers Urticaria
Diabetes books Diabetes journals Diabetes organisations Diabetes websites
Charcot neuroarthropathy Clinical aspects of diabetes Diabetic foot complications Management of the diabetic foot
Diabetes epidemiology Diabetes physiology Diabetic foot websites Diabetic neuropathy
Management of diabetes Pathophysiology    
Epidemiology and biostatistics
Books Websites Evaluating research Publishing research
Designing and doing research Writing a thesis/higher degree research Statistics and epidemiology Research issues
Background to research Research ethics Qualitative research  
Foot and Lower Limb Disorders
Lower extremity books Achilles tendon Ankle pains Ankle sprains
Cuboid syndrome Exercise induced leg pain Flat feet Foot fractures
Hallux abducto valgus Hip and groin problems Knee and thigh problems Lessor toe disorders
Medial tibial stress syndrome Posterior tibial dysfunction Tendonitis/tendon injury Misc causes of heel pain
Misc first MPJ disorders Misc foot problems Misc leg pain Pes cavus
Plantar fasciitis Misc causes of foot pain Sesamoid disorders Sinus tarsi syndrome
Stress fractures Metatarsalgia Hallux Rigidus  
Foot orthoses
Foot orthoses books Prefabricated Foot Orthoses Companies Prescription Foot Orthotic Labs Foot orthoses
Foot surgery
Foot surgery boooks Anesthesia Background for surgery Surgical techniques
Other surgical resources      
Footwear books Footwear websites Footwear  
General Medicine and Surgery
Books Allergy and immunology Bone diseases Cardiology
Clinical emergencies Diabetes mellitus Eye and ear diseases Haematology
Hepatic/liver diseases Infectious diseases Nephrology Nutritional disorders
Oncology Pathophysiology Psychiatry Respiratory diseases
Endocrine/Metabolic disorders Gastrointestinal disorders Reproductive system disorders Misc general medicine and surgery topics
Medical conditions of older persons Foot pathology in the older person Gerontology organisations Background to Gerontology
Gerontology websites Gerontology journals Gerontology Books Changes with ageing
Demography Long term care Misc aging topics Theories of aging
Laboratory tests and patient assessment
Books Clinical assessment Clinical decision making Laboratory tests
Examination of the lower limb Radiology    
Neurology books Neurology journals Neurology Organisations Neurology websites
Autonomic nervous system dysfunction Diseases of the neuromuscular junction Disorders of the nerve roots Entrapment/Compression neuropathies
Background to neurology Cerebrovascular disease Demyelinating diseases Diseases of the spinal cord
Disorders of muscles Misc CNS conditions Misc neurology Motor neuron disease
Movement disorders Nervous system infection Neurodynamics Neurological assessment
Neurological gaits Neurological rehabilitation Pain Parkinsons disease
Peripheral neuropathy Seizure disorders    
Pediatric books Paediatric journals Paediatric organisations Pediatric websites
Background to paediatrics Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease Congenital and genetic disorders Misc developmental disorders
Back and spinal problems Behavioural disorders Cerebral palsy Childhood illneses
Clubfoot Development Digital problems Down syndrome
Flatfoot Growing pains Hip disorders Muscular dystrophies
History and assessment Knee problems Metatarsus adductus Osteochondroses
Paediatric gait Spinal dysraphism Tarsal coalitions Juvenile chronic arthritis
Misc foot conditions and deformities Misc neurological conditions Misc paediatric resources Torsional problems of the lower limb
Peripheral Vascular Disease
Peripheral vascular disease books Background to PVD Chronic venous insufficiency Peripheral vascular disease websites
Acute arterial occlusion Arterial insufficiency Atherosclerosis Deep vein thrombosis
Lymphatic system disorders Misc peripheral vascular conditions Thomboabgiitis obliterans Vasospastic conditions
Misc venous disorders Varicose veins    
Pharmacology books Adrenergic drugs Adverse reactions Analgesics
Pharmacological websites Antibiotics Anticoagulants Cardiac drugs
Background to pharmacology Cardiac drugs (antihypertensives) Hypnotics, sedatives, anxiolytics Immunosuppressive drugs
Cholinergic drugs CNS stimulants Corticosteroids Cytotoxic drugs
Diuretics Drug interactions Dyslipidaemic drugs Endocrine system drugs
Gastrointestinal drugs Misc drugs NSAIDs Other resources
Parkinsonism drugs Pharmacodynamics Pharmacokinetics Psychoactive drugs
Respiratory drugs Rheumatological drugs Spasticity drugs Special populations
Topical agents      
Physical therapies
Physical therapy books Accupuncture Braces and splints Cold therapy
Background to electrotherapies Background to rehabilitation Electrical stimulation Heat therapy
Hydrotherapy Laser Manual therapies Misc physical therapies
Muscle flexibility Muscle strength Padding and strapping Shock wave therapy
Therapeutic ultrasound      
Radiology books Radiology Journals Radiology Organisations Radiology websites
Angles on x-rays Arthritis Bone density Bone lesions
Basic sciences & background Bone scans/Nuclear Medicine Misc radiological techniques Other x-rays/image libraries
Cases Computed tomography Foot x-rays Fractures/Trauma
Infections Misc Misc conditions on x-ray Plain x-rays
Radiographic views Ultrasound X-ray interpretation  
Magnetic resonance imaging X-ray Modalities/Introduction    
Rheumatology books Rheumatology journals Rheumatology websites Fibromyalgia
Rheumatology organisations Background to rheumatological diseases Connective tissue diseases Diagnosis and assessment of joint disease
Gout Juvenile chronic arthritis Osteoarthritis Polymyalgia rheumatica
Misc rheumatological resources Other crystal deposition diseases Other rheumatological diseases Seronegative spondyloarthropathy
Rheumatoid arthritis Septic arthritis Vasculitis  
Sports Medicine
Sports Medicine books Sports Medicine Journals Children in Sport Drugs in Sport
Sports Medicine Organisations Sports Medicine Websites Injuries in Different Sports Management of sports injury
Exercise Physiology Injury Prevention Running/Sports Shoes Sports Injuries
Preparticipation History and Physical Sport and Medical Conditions Sport in different environments Sports Medicine
Sports Psychology Sports shoe companies The Female Athlete The older athlete
Wound management
Wound management books Wound management organisations Wound management websites Management of wounds
Wound dressings Wound healing    

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