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Archies Arch Supporting Flip Flops

Flat foot is a common problem which is commonly not invariably an issue. It can increase the chance for other problems developing and might become symptomatic on its own. Because of this, flatfoot is commonly treated to help these symptoms and in some cases to prevent further issues from causing issues. The most typical solution for flatfeet are foot orthoses or inserts. These could be either the mass-produced prefabricated variety that is picked out to match the contour and requirements of the foot or they are of the bespoke variety that is made from a cast with the feet and is precise for the requirements of this person. The research demonstrates the end result between the custom and off-the-shelf kind of foot orthoses is mostly approximately the same. However, in practice, what's the best for each individual are not the same. Usually the use of foot orthotics could be combined with the use of exercises.

There are options and many ask if the arch support that is built in flip-flops, such as the Archies brand name from Australia may be used as an alternative to foot supports. In Australia, they name the flip flops, thongs. The Archies product have built up an arch that is constructed into them that is around a similar height and shape associated with the available for public use arch supports that you can buy over the counter in shops. Simply because they are quite comparable, chances are they almost certainly might be employed interchangeably. Moderate cases of flat foot are often managed using the over-the-counter arch supports, so they really quite possibly can be handled with flip flops like the Archies thongs instead.

The problem which may arise is that if the flat feet are especially significant and much more significant support is necessary to manage it, particularly if it can be symptomatic. In these instances the non-prescription arch supports or the Archies arch supporting thongs aren't going to be enough and a prescription custom foot orthoses may be required. You really need to speak to your healthcare professional regarding the solutions in such cases. With that said, these Archies are still handy as a lifestyle choice whenever you need foot orthotics. Due to footwear choices are crucial when you really do need to use foot supports or foot orthoses, your option regarding the range of footwear can be limited. Using the flip flops like the Archies thongs using the arch support, mainly in the warmer climates whenever you don't want to wear footwear might be a great option. Alternately in between using the foot orthotics inside supporting footwear and the Archies thongs could make practical sense and be helpful. Of course, discuss this with your treating healthcare professional as to the ideal options here prior to doing too much physical activity in one or the other.

At our practice in Croydon, Melbourne, in Australia we are now most likely one of the largest stockist of the Archies flip flops in Australia. They are selling very well. Pretty much everybody that will try on a pair of Archies in our clinic, tends to buy them. On my small Podiatry Soapbox blog, I've even produced a video regarding how we adjust the Archies thongs to allow these substantially more help in those who require it.

Craig Payne


Archies Arch Supporting Thongs

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