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Clinical Sports Medicine

'The world's best sports medicine book just got better'!

Clinical Sports Medicine

Clinical Sports Medicine
Editors: Bruckner & Khan

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional; ; 2nd edition (January 15, 2001); 918 pages

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Clinical Sports Medicine is a concise sourcebook gives practitioners and sports trainers a concise review of diagnosis and management of all sports-related injuries. The emphasis is on on-the-spot management and the format allows quick access to treatment information.

A review in The Physician & Sportsmedicine:

"Clinical Sports Medicine offers a valuable perspective that's different from other sports medicine books. The text should be part of any sports medicine library and will be particularly helpful for rehabilitation information. The price is certainly a bargain"

"Best Sports Medicine Book I've Ever Used!"

August 22, 2001
Reviewer: A reader from Vancouver, B.C. Canada:
"The Second edition of Clinical Sports Medicine is the best reference book I have come across ... I find it very easy to navigate with great illustrations and information. The references are all very recent and evidence-based so you feel confident in following the authors' recommendations... These authors have really done a fabulous job of classifying sports medicine information in a logical and easy-to-use format. I highly recommend it to anyone in the sports, fitness, and/or health fields!"

The New Zealand Journal of Sports Medicine recently reviewed this edition and said 'The world's best sports medicine book just got better'!

Table of Contents of Clinical Sports Medicine:

Part A: Fundamental Principles

1. Sports medicine: the team approach
2. Sports injuries
3. Pain: where is it coming from?
4. Beware: Conditions masquerading as sports injuries
5. Biomechanics of common sportingactivities
6. Principles of injury prevention
7. Principles of diagnosis
8. Principles of treatment
9. Principles of rehabilitation

Part B: Regional Problems

10. Minor head injury in sport
11. Headache
12. Facial injuries
13. Neck pain
14. Shoulder pain
15. Elbow and forearm pain
16. Wrist and hand pain
17. Thoracic and chest pain
18. Low back pain
19. Buttock pain
20. Hip and groin pain
21. Anterior thigh pain
22. Posterior thigh pain
23. Acute knee injuries
24. Anterior knee pain
25. Lateral, medial and posterior knee pain
26. Shin pain
27. Calf pain
28. Pain in the Achilles region
29. Acute ankle injuries
30. Ankle pain
31. Foot pain
32. The patient with long standing symptoms

Part C: Enhancing Sport Performance

33. Maximizing performance: nutrition
34. Maximizing performance: psychology

Part D: Special Groups of Participants

35. The younger athlete
36. The female athlete
37. The older athlete
38. The disabled athlete

Part E: Management of Medical Problems

39. Sporting emergencies
40. Cardiovascular symptoms during exercise
41. Respiratory symptoms during exercise
42. Gastrointestinal symptoms during exercise
43. The athlete with diabetes
44. The athlete with epilepsy
45. Joint related symptoms without acute injury
46. Common sports-related infections
47. The tired athlete
48. Exercise in the heat
49. Exercise in the cold

Part F: Practical Sports Medicine

50. Exercise prescription for health
51. Screening the elite athlete
52. Medical care of the sporting team
53. Travelling with a team
54. Medical coverage of endurance events
55. Drugs and the athlete
56. Sports medicine, ethics and the law

Review of Clinical Sports Medicine from the British Journal of Sports Medicine:

"This, the second edition, has been thoroughly updated and revamped (see the section on Achilles tendons!). It is a superb book for the clinician working with athletes, outlining the treatment of injuries in a straightforward and clear way. It is such a change to read a book written by physicians rather than surgeons, with consequently a much more functional approach! This book should be read by all sports physicians and physiotherapists in training and should be by the desk of anyone likely to treat athletes' injuries, GPs and specialists alike.

The first part "Fundamental principles" is excellent for someone starting out in sports medicine, but reminds us all of the basics. It lists more sites of stress fractures than most of us will see in a clinical lifetime, with hints on management. The "Regional problems" (part B) is more comprehensive than in any other book I have read with important "practice pearls" in some chapters (why not all?). There are often, as for ankle pain, lists divided into common causes, less common causes, and "not to miss" problems, making it very easy to build one's own differential diagnosis. The layout could not be easier to follow, with a hugely detailed contents list at the start and good index, and the book is well referenced with advice for further reading. There are also sections on "Sports performance", "Special groups" (the section on the disabled is brief but good), "Medical problems in sport", and "Practical aspects of sports medicine"-the doping screening, etc. So nothing is left out. If there is a fault it is that the clinical section is too small a part of the whole.

This book will sell like hot cakes, and be on every course reading list." - Tom Crisp

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'The world's best sports medicine book just got better'!

Clinical Sports Medicine

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