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Foot Pain

ePodiatry is a website primarily for foot health professionals, but this section contains information on a range of problems related to foot pain for the general public with links to relevant parts of the ePodiatry database. There is probably no better resource available to find out more about foot problems. Not only is it updated regularly, there are links under each foot pain problem to the ePodiatry database containing all the latest research (and this database is added to daily !!!).

Heel pain

Arch pain

Ball of foot pain

Heel pain

Sever's Disease

Cracked heels

Heel pain in children

Heel spurs

Calcaneal apophysitis

Plantar fasciitis

Arch pain

Plantar fasciitis

Archies Flip Flops

Flat foot



Toe pain

Big toe pain

Ankle pain

Ingrown toenail

Hammer toe


Bunion surgery


Sprained ankle

Tarsal tunnel syndrome

Whole foot pain

Nerve pain

Skin pain

Burning foot

Poor circulation


Burning feet

Tarsal tunnel syndrome

Peripheral neuropathy

Cracked heel

Foot Corns & callus

Ingrown toe nail


Information on other foot problems.
For books on foot problems for consumers, click here.
For help with your foot pain, find a podiatrist anywhere in the world.
To ask a question about foot pain, try our Foot Health Forum.
ePodiatry is purely a source of information on foot pain and should at no time be considered as replacing the expertise of a health professional. We recommend seeking professional advice for foot problems before embarking on any form of self treatment or management for foot pain. Neither the content or any other service provided through ePodiatry is intended to be relied on for medical diagnosis or treatment. Do not delay in seeking health professional advice for foot problems.
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Foot pain information

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