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The Female Athlete

"Comprehensive guidance on the medical, psychological, and orthopedic issues unique to female athletes of all ages"

The Female Athlete

The Female Athlete
Editors: Mary Ireland, Aurelia Nattiv

Publisher: W B Saunders Co; (2003); 615 pages

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From sports participation to sports-specific conditions, this state-of-the-art text on the female athlete provides comprehensive guidance on the medical, psychological, and orthopedic issues unique to female athletes of all ages, both competitive and recreational. Expert authorities explore the history of the female athlete * psychology, physiology, and nutrition * performance issues * general medical conditions * the female athlete triad * rehabilitation * and much more.

Features of The Female Athlete:

* Discusses obstetric and gynecologic concerns in the female athlete, including menstrual dysfunction exercise-associated amenorrhea and leptin sexually transmitted diseases hormonal disorders breast disorders and injuries contraception fertility pregnancy and postpartum issues.
* Features an orthopedic section, covering all major injuries.
* Includes chapters dealing with sport-specific injuries and conditions, as well as evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation.
* Provides up-to-date research and contributions from national and international experts in the field.


Contents of The Female Athlete:

I. History of Female Athletic Participation
1. The Impact of the Female Athlete: From Sojourner to Tegla
2. Historical Perspective-Olympic Participation
3. Epidemiology of injury at West Point
II. Psychology and Motivation
4. Social and Psychological Aspect of Athletic Participation
5. Psychology and Motivation of the Female Athlete
6. Optimizing Performance in Team Sport for Female Athletes: An Exploration of Gender Specific Physchological Differences and Their Effect on Athletic Performance in Team Sports
III. Performance Issues
7. Performance in the Context of Growth and Maturation
8. Development of Studies and Wellness: The Texas Experience
9. Nutrition
10. Substance Abuse
11. Sports Supplements and Ergogenic Aids
IV. Age Specific Conditions
12. Growth and Development
13. Osteoporosis
14. Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty in Active Women
V. Obstetric/Gynecologic Conditions
15. Gynecologic Problems
16. Menstrual Dysfunction
17. Exercise-Associated Amenorrhea and Leptin
18. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
19. Hormonal Disorders
20. The Breast: Disorders and Injury
21. Contraception
22. Fertility
23. Pregnancy: Physiology and Exercise
24. Return to Activity Postpartum
VI. General Medical Conditions
25. Preparticipation Physical Examination
26. The Female Athlete Triad
27. Disordered Eating
28. Anemia
29. Cardiac Concerns
30. The Physically Challenged Athlete
VII. Orthopaedic Conditions
31. Stress Fractures
32. Soft Tissue Injuries
33. Thoracic and Lumbar Injuries
34. Pelvis and Hip Injuries
35. Knee Injuries
36. Foot and Ankle Injuries
37. Head and Neck Injuries
38. Shoulder Injuries
39. Elbow Injuries
40. Hand and Wrist Injuries
VIII. Rehabilitation and Strength Issues
41. Sport-Specific Rehabilitation Programs
42. Rehabilitation Concerns-Lower Extremity
43. Rehabilitation Concerns-Upper Extremity
44. Evaluation of Strength
45. Proprioception Testing and Practical Use: Upper and Lower Extremity
46. Upper and Lower Extremity Strength Training
IX. Sport Specific Conditions
47. Basketball
48. Cheerleading
49. Cycling and In-line Skating
50. Dance
51. Equestrian
52. Fencing
53. Field Hockey and Lacrosse
54. Figure Skating
55. Golf
56. Gymnastics
57. Judo and Taekwondo
58. Racquet Sports
59. Rowing
60. Soccer
61. Softball
62. Swimming and Diving
63. Track and Field
64. Volleyball
65. Winter Sports: Skiing, Speed Skating, Ice Hockey
66. Olympic Sports
X. Future Directions
67. Future Directions

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"Comprehensive guidance on the medical, psychological, and orthopedic issues unique to female athletes of all ages"

The Female Athlete

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