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Foot and Ankle Pearls

"Patient cases that examine foot and ankle disorders"

Foot and Ankle Pearls

Foot & Ankle Pearls
Editor: Richard Jay

Publisher: Hanley & Belfus; 1st edition (December 15, 2001); 159 pages

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Using the format of the Pearls series, Foot and Ankle Pearls comprises 75 patient cases that examine foot and ankle disorders. A detailed clinical vignette, accompanied by a photo or radiograph, is presented. The reader is encouraged to consider a differential diagnosis and formulate a plan for diagnosis and treatment. The subsequent pages reveal the diagnosis and the method by which it was reached, and discuss the patient's course. Each case concludes with three or four clinical pearls. The case presentations in The Pearls series provide valuable information not readily available in standard textbooks. The problem-oriented approach in Foot and Ankle Pearls, ideal for independent study and/or board review, encourages the reader to consider a differential diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan. Foot & Ankle Pearls is also 'interactive' in that the reader, based on the information represented (usually relating to a pain syndrome), is asked to make a diagnosis. The diagnosis is later revealed and discussed.

Features of Foot & Ankle Pearls:

* Heavily illustrated, with high-quality images
* Ideal for reader self-testing
* Discussions explain and elaborate
* Highly qualified editor of Foot and Ankle Pearls is also a Diplomate, American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery, and Fellow, American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons
* Authors all currently active in the field
* Key references allow easy reader pursuit of additional information

Review of Foot and Ankle Pearls from Current Orthopaedics (Volume 17, Issue 4 , August 2003 , Page 330)

"This book contains 70 case histories, each 2–3 pages long, following a set format. The first page gives an abbreviated history followed by a question regarding the diagnosis or management plan. The second page starts with the diagnosis and continues with a discussion covering the aetiology, pathology, clinical features, investigations, treatment and outcome. The book takes its name from the box at the end of the discussion containing two to six key points or `pearls'. Each chapter ends with several references.

This format works well, with enough information in the history to make a diagnosis and a thorough discussion from which the key points are taken. This provides an effective and interesting way to learn.

A minor criticism is that the American author uses terms such as Fahrenheit and BUN, as well as some classifications and treatments that are different from those routinely used in the UK. However, the main weakness is with the illustrations. Some plain X-rays are poorly reproduced and the same clinical photograph has been used for two cases with different diagnoses. Only two-thirds of the cases are illustrated and the remainder would be improved by them.

In terms of content, both adult and paediatric conditions are covered with most common diseases included along with some rarities. In particular, Diabetes Mellitus is well covered and the atypical organisms found in foot infections are emphasised

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"Patient cases that examine foot and ankle disorders"

Foot & Ankle Pearls

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