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Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics

"Easy-to-use resource features a thorough review of all the common and uncommon disorders in children"

Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics

Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics
Editors: Richard E. Behrman, Robert M. Kliegman

Publisher: W B Saunders; 4th edition (2002); 958 pages

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The 4th Edition of this popular, easy-to-use resource features a thorough review of all the common and uncommon disorders in children. Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics presents the latest findings in genetics, infectious disease, and hematologic disorders. Organized by organ system for easy use, this text places an emphasis on the pathophysiologic aspects for a systematic, clinical approach to children's problems. Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics is a clinical reference for students, residents, and practitioners. Focuses on normal growth and development and includes diagnosis, management, and prevention of common childhood diseases and disorders.

The New England Journal of Medicine comments on Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics:

"Although substantially smaller than the standard textbook, it is packed with information. The format consists of a readable rich text, supplemented by ample charts and figures...The material is presented in such a way that the reader is encouraged to think about the patient...The approach is not "cook book" but rather thought provoking in describing the process of arriving at a differential diagnosis and evaluating the choice of treatment...The subject matter is current, including, for example, discussions of the effects of divorce on the child, child abuse and neglect, sexually transmitted diseases in adolescents, and substance abuse as well as traditional subjects...The authors have designed this book for the student and house officer during pediatric training. In addition to recommending it for this audience, I believe it would be useful in the office of any busy practitioner as a source of ready reference. I found this "half nelson" to be well written, surprisingly comprehensive, and thought-provoking in its approach to pediatric patients." -The New England Journal of Medicine

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Nelson Essentials of Paediatrics

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