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Knee and Thigh Problems

Educational resources>Foot and Lower Limb Online Articles and Resources>Knee and Thigh Problems

Articles and resources:

Examination of the Knee. Pictures and video of knee exam.
Knee. Examinaion and conditions of the knee.
Patellofemoral pain syndrome. Full text article on treatment.
Patellofemoral pain syndrome. Outline.
Patellofemoral pain syndrome. Physical therapy management.
Diagnosis and management of anterior knee pain. Rheumatology approach.
Effectiveness of Biomechanical Foot Orthoses as treatment for Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. Full text article.
Physical Therapy for Patellofemoral Pain. Abstract.
Patellofemoral instability. Examination and treatment of knee instability.
Electromyographic biofeedback for patellofemoral pain. Full text article.
Anterior knee pain. Differential diagnosis.
Iliotibial band friction syndrome. Article from eMedicine.
Iliotibial band syndrome. Running website.
Iliotibial band syndrome. Website.
Quick Solutions for Iliotibial Band Syndrome. Article from sports medicine journal.
Diagnosing Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome in Runners. Log in needed.
Acute knee effusions. Approach tp knee pain diagnosis.
Hip and knee joint replacement. Rheumatology approach.
Knee Chapter. From Family Practice Notebook.
Approach to knee problems. PDF file.
Knee arthritis: Medial compartment; Lateral compartment
Knee replacement surgery. Knee arthroplasty.
Medial and lateral ligament injury. From eMedicine.
Pes anserinus bursitis. From eMedicine.
Prepatellar bursitis.
Hamstring Strain.
Orthoses for patellofemoral pain. PDF file.
Quick Solutions for Iliotibial Band Syndrome. Article from the Physician and Sports Medicine.
Patellar tendonpathy. Overuse Tendinosis, Not Tendinitis.
Acute knee injury. On-the-Field and Sideline Evaluation
Anterior knee pain. Chapter from Clinical Sports Medicine.
Patellofemoral pain syndrome. Physical therapy exercises.
Cysts and masses about the knee. Differential diagnosis.
Osgood-schlatters disease. Practical Treatment for a Self-Limiting Condition
Examination of patellofemoral pain. Physical Exam Defines Treatment
Popliteal tendonitis. Tips for Diagnosis and Management.
Evaluation of Patients Presenting with Knee Pain: History, Physical Examination, Radiographs, and Laboratory Tests.
Patellofemoral pain syndrome. Patient information.
Biomechanics of iliotibial band friction syndrome in runners. Abstract.
Surgical treatment of iliotibial band friction syndrome. A retrospective study of 45 patients (Abstract)
Hip abductor weakness in distance runners with iliotibial band syndrome. Abstract.
Quantitative analysis of the relative effectiveness of 3 iliotibial band stretches. Abstract.
Abnormal knee joint position sense in individuals with patellofemoral pain syndrome. Abstract.
Systematic review of physical interventions for patellofemoral pain syndrome. Abstract .
Altered vastii recruitment when people with patellofemoral pain syndrome complete a postural task. Abstract.
Patellofemoral pain syndrome: pain, coping strategies and degree of well-being. Abstract
KneePainInfo.com. Website on knee pain.
Knee Guru. Another website on knee pain.
Chrondromalcia patella. Diagnosis and treatment.
The Malalignment Syndrome: Biomechanical and Clinical Implications

The Malalignment Syndrome: Biomechanical and Clinical Implications

"This books attempts to clearly explain the link between pelvic function and foot function, focusing on the potential effects of the more proximal lower limb structures have on the foot."

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Educational resources>Foot and Lower Limb Online Articles and Resources>Knee and Thigh Problems

Knee and Thigh Problems


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