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Pediatric Foot & Ankle Surgery

"Comprehensive surgical guide that serves as an excellent learning resource or review of pediatric foot and ankle surgery"


Pediatric Foot & Ankle Surgery
Editor: Richard Jay

Publisher: W B Saunders Co; 1st edition (June 15, 1999) ; 397pages

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Pediatric Foot & Ankle Surgery presents a comprehensive surgical guide that serves as an excellent learning resource or review of pediatric foot and ankle surgery. Expert contributors cover a range of topics, including cavus foot, juvenile hav abducto valgus, cleft foot, psychology of the child, and much more. Each chapter of Paediatric Foot & Ankle Surgery presents the deformity or condition with the aid of clinical photographs and radiographs, discusses the treatment options and then reviews the surgical procedure using clear line drawings.

Table of Contents for Pediatric Foot & Ankle Surgery:

ONE Medical Aspects
  1 The Human Factor: Treatment of Children - Lloyd E. Brotman, Ph.D.
  2 Imaging - Katherine M. Richman, Leon Lenchik, David J. Sartoris,
  3 Management of the Pediatric Patient - Kevin D. Roberts, D.P.M., R.Ph.
  4 Pediatric Anesthesia - John G. Goode, M.D., D.A.B.PM.
  5 Neuromuscular Disorders and Reflexes in the Child - Jeanean Willis & Richard M. Jay
TWO Forefoot
  6 Metatarsus Adductus - Richard M. Jay, D.P.M.
  7 Surgery for Metatarsus Adductus - Richard M. Jay, D.P.M.
  8 Medial Column Soft Tissue Release for Metatarsus Adductus Correction in Infants - Bruce D. Harley, D.P.M.
  9 Abductory Midfoot Osteotomy for Metatarsus Adductus - Bruce D. Harley, D.P.M.
  10 Juvenile Hallux Abducto Valgus - Richard M. Jay & Elisa M. Kavanagh
  11 Epiphysiodesis for Juvenile Hallux Abducto Valgus - Michael Seiberg, Richard M. Green
  12 Polydactyly - Richard M. Jay, D.P.M.
  13 Congenital Cleft Foot Deformity (Split Foot or Lobster-Claw) - William H. Mason, D.P.M.
  14 Brachymetatarsia - Steven Glickman, Robert Cornfield, Jason Hanft, Richard M. Jay
  15 Macrodactyly - Richard M. Jay, D.P.M.
  16 Syndactyly and Desyndactylization - David C. Puleo, D.P.M.
  17 Pediatric Digital Deformities - Edwin Harris, D.P.M.
  18 Nail Procedures - Richard M. Jay, D.P.M. & Michael Chung, D.P.M.
THREE Rearfoot
  19 Introduction to the Flatfoot - Richard M. Jay, D.P.M.
  20 Symptomatic Juvenile Flatfoot Condition - Gary L. Dockery, D.P.M.
  21 Calcaneovalgus - Richard M. Jay, D.P.M.
  22 Subtalar Extra-articular Arthrodesis - Richard M. Jay, D.P.M.
  23 Arthroereisis-Subtalar - Richard M. Jay, D.P.M.
  24 Evans Procedure - Richard M. Jay, D.P.M.
  25 Medial Displacement Osteotomy of the Posterior Calcaneus for Flatfoot Deformity
  26 Subcapital Talar Osteotomy for Transverse Plane Structural Deformities - John H. Walter
  27 Tibialis Anterior Transfer "Into Talus" for Control of Severe Pes Planus - Charles G. Kissel
  28 Triplane Correction of the Flexible Flatfoot - Charles G. Kissel & Troy J. Boffeli, D.P.M.
  29 Cotton Osteotomy - J. Barry Johnson, D.P.M.
  30 Cavus Deformity - Richard M. Jay, D.P.M.
  31 Cole Midfoot Osteotomy - Bruce D. Harley, D.P.M.
  32 Tarsal Coalition - Stephen D. Lasday, D.P.M. & Nicholas Pachuda, D.P.M.
  33 Soft Tissue Calcaneonavicular Coalition - Richard M. Jay, Gary Feldman, Diane Collier
  34 Clubfoot - Mitchell Pokrassa, D.P.M. & Raymond K. Tsukuda, D.P.M.
  35 Internal Tibial Torsion - Richard M. Jay, D.P.M.
FOUR Equinus
  36 Equinus - Richard M. Jay, D.P.M.
  37 An Approach to Toe-Walking: Appropriate Decision Making - Edwin J. Harris, D.P.M.
  38 Correction of Spastic Equinus - Renato J. Giorgini, D.P.M. & Ellen Sobel, D.P.M., Ph.D
  39 Equinus--Anterior Advancement of the Tendo Achillis - Richard M. Jay, D.P.M.
FIVE Bone Pathology
  40 Juvenile Fracture of Tillaux: A Distal Tibial Epiphyseal Fracture - William H. Simon, D.P.M.
  41 Osteoid Osteoma - Richard M. Jay, D.P.M.
  42 Brodie's Abscess - Scott A. Alter, D.P.M.
  43 Iselin's Apophysitis - Richard M. Jay, D.P.M.
  44 Freiberg's Infraction - Richard M. Jay, D.P.M.
  45 Calcaneal Apophysitis - Richard M. Jay, D.P.M.
  46 Kohler's Disease - Richard M. Jay, D.P.M. & Michael Chung, D.P.M.
  47 Aneurysmal Bone Cyst - John H. Walter, Jr., D.P.M.
SIX Biomechanical Control
  48 Orthotic Control of the Pediatric Patient - Richard M. Jay, D.P.M.
  49 Ankle-Foot Orthoses Following Surgery - Russell Volpe, D.P.M.
  50 Corrective Casting - Richard M. Jay, D.P.M.

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